Unexpected Surprises

Relaxing Surprise

So it was a long trip. I had been on a business trip and got home fairly late on a Sunday night. My boyfriend picked me up from the airport and we went to dinner. Got home about 9pm and was exhausted. We watched a bit of TV, then went to bed.

Woke up the next morning and it was almost impossible to get up and out to work. After all, I didn’t get a weekend. All Mondays seem to be chaotic and this one was no exception. Being gone for an entire week, the emails to be returned, drawings to be done and phone calls to return was tripled. No surprises here….

After work, I came home to my boyfriend, the best cook I know. He had made a delicious steak & potatoes meal, my comfort food. I lamented and vented about my day and he listened dutifully & attentively. As is our routine, he does most of the cooking and I am better at the cleanup. I proceeded to do the dishes.

As I was finishing up the dishes, my boyfriend came in and asked me to come take a look at something. Taking me by the hand and leading me though the bedroom, my first thought was that I had left a light on in the closet or something (He liked to point this out from time-to-time). When we passed through the bedroom door, just when I least expected it, we walked into the most beautiful sight to me! While I was doing the dishes, he had filled the bathtub (thinking that I could hear the water, when I couldn’t because of the dishes) with hot water, bubble bath and a trail of rose petals.

He told me he had wanted to do this the night I got home, but it had been so late he chose to surprise me the next night. The best surprise? I would have expected this the night I got home, but the true surprise came when I least expected it. A gesture and a memory I will never forget!

Surprise someone when they least expect it. Those are the best!Tub of Roses

Nice Surprise in Found Money

What a Nice Surprise!

Don’t we all love to find that few dollars tucked away in an old coat?  It’s always a Nice Surprise when we discover that wrinkled bill. The actual amount of funds may not go a long way, but it can bring back a flood of memories. What was I doing that day? Where was I when I stuffed these few dollars away? Who was I with at the time? It’s really been that long since I’ve cleaned this???

Found money is a nice surprise


Sometimes we find money in the strangest places.  That old coat, a pair of pants to a suit we no longer wear. What about that loose change lost in the sofa?  It might be a few cents, or it could be BIG MONEY.

Either way it’s always a Nice Surprise.

Check out the  The National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (NAUPA) site to see if your state is holding some Found Money for you!  Returned funds from an insurance settlement, an over payment for a fee, it could be waiting for you and retrieving it is as easy as filling out an on-line form.




Why surprise someone?

surprise someone today

“From the man who makes me feel like it’s Valentines day, every day. Thank you sweetheart!”

Surprise someone today! We all love surprises don’t we?  It’s the little things in life that make us really appreciate the ones we love.  Receiving a surprise gift or gesture can brighten our day, turn a bad day into a good one or just make us smile for a while.

The above is a Facebook post from my Girlfriend after being surprised at work today with a Valentines present that was delivered to her office. She was the envy of all the girls! The best part is I had her convinced that I didn’t do the “Valentines Thing” so it was a total “Surprise” for her and she loved it. That’s what I like most about surprising someone, doing something when they least expect it, the impact has a real WOW factor!

What about returning the favor?  Want to surprise someone in your life?  Let’s make someone’s day and show some love.

This page is designed to inspire you to share the love. Surprise someone today with a gift, a card, perhaps a phone call is all that’s needed.  Do something that’s not expected and share the love. Who knows, that next surprise may be yours!

 Surprise Someone Today!

In this Blog we’ll be sharing stories, ideas, deals, and unique gifts that will surprise that special someone in your life. We would love to hear how you surprised someone by going out of your way and doing something when they least expected it.

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By Master of Surprise