Nice Surprise in Found Money

What a Nice Surprise!

Don’t we all love to find that few dollars tucked away in an old coat?  It’s always a Nice Surprise when we discover that wrinkled bill. The actual amount of funds may not go a long way, but it can bring back a flood of memories. What was I doing that day? Where was I when I stuffed these few dollars away? Who was I with at the time? It’s really been that long since I’ve cleaned this???

Found money is a nice surprise


Sometimes we find money in the strangest places.  That old coat, a pair of pants to a suit we no longer wear. What about that loose change lost in the sofa?  It might be a few cents, or it could be BIG MONEY.

Either way it’s always a Nice Surprise.

Check out the  The National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (NAUPA) site to see if your state is holding some Found Money for you!  Returned funds from an insurance settlement, an over payment for a fee, it could be waiting for you and retrieving it is as easy as filling out an on-line form.



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